Posted by: asprockett | October 20, 2013

Emporium of Chocolate

As my time in Sydney begins to wind down, I am getting sentimental about the people, places, and foods I will miss. Today, I’d like to talk about one of my favorite foods: Emporium of Chocolate. Since Dan and I accidentally found The Rocks Markets in March, Emporium of Chocolate has been our weekly special treat. They make the most delicious Brazilian chocolates and drive me to the market each weekend, even if I have no other shopping to do. A large part of what encouraged Dan and I to go back over and over…and over…was their warm and genuine customer service. I have always felt welcome as I mull over which flavor is coming home with me each week. And it’s a difficult decision with flavors ranging from the more traditional dulce de leche to the more exotic white chocolate with lime zest and cachaça.


Last week, I skillfully managed to steal one of their prop display chocolates instead of taking home an actual chocolate. (With the warm weather, they keep the chocolates in a fridge to avoid sending melted chocolates home with their customers.) My biggest disappointment when I figured this out was that I was going to have to wait a week for another Emporium of Chocolate treat.

When I went back to the markets this weekend, I decided it best to return their prop. Despite my error, they not only replaced the stolen prop with an actual chocolate, but gave me another four bonus chocolates! As if I wasn’t a dedicated customer before, this has confirmed it.


I highly encourage anyone living in or visiting Sydney to check them out — you will be glad you did. Now, if I can only figure out how to get them to set up a shop in California…



  1. I absolutely love their chocolates. I got them every Friday when I worked in the rocks and mt favourite is definitely the brigadero.. the double caramek choc one in the leopard print wrapper. They are to die for!

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