Posted by: asprockett | June 2, 2013

Crazy Lucky In Love – Celebrating our 3rd Anniversary in Sydney

I’ve been trying to think of more eloquent words to describe how I feel about we were are in life at our third anniversary, but all I can come up with is crazy lucky. I married my friend and my love, for which I continue to be grateful. In only three years we’ve had quite a few challenges and opportunities for new experiences. We are crazy lucky to have such committed community support in our relationship and in our new pursuits. The wedding vows we worked so hard to write continue to grow in meaning for both of us:

I choose you to be my spouse, my faithful partner, my enduring companion, and my one true love. I will love you as an individual, respect you as an equal, and trust and appreciate you as a friend. I will support you, comfort you and lend you strength and encouragement through life’s struggles and joys as long as we both shall live.

We have also been crazy lucky in the ways we’ve been able to celebrate our anniversary. We spent our first anniversary  in Phoenix, Arizona thanks to vouchers from our honeymoon and our second anniversary in Paris, France. Thank you to our generous friends and family for opening their homes and celebrating with us! This year we celebrated in Sydney. And not because we traveled to an incredible place, but because we actually live in that incredible place.

To celebrate, we went out for a delicious Thai meal at Thanon Khaosan, in Sydney’s Chinatown. We both realized we have limited experience with Thia desserts and have vowed to change that after our experience at Thanon Khaosan. After dinner we visited the Vivid Festival events near the Opera House, enjoying the lights and atmosphere.


Here’s to many more years of growth and love together!


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