Posted by: DSprockett | May 23, 2013

Vote For Your Favorite Image of the Taronga Zoo

I’ve mentioned before that my birthday this year fell on a day that I would have to be interviewing at Stanford, and shortly before I left the US for Australia. Because I wasn’t going to be around, my parents made a special effort to give me my birthday gift early –they bought us tickets to visit the Taronga Zoo in Sydney.


Of course, they couldn’t actually buy the tickets, since they had no way of knowing when we’d be able to go.  But when we actually made it to the zoo, it wound up being a fantastic day!


Dan at the Taronga Zoo, with the Sydney Harbor Bridge in the background.

Andrea has already blogged about some of the more amazing animal facts we picked up, but I wanted to revisit the day and post more of my favorite pictures. I had alot to choose from (…and I do mean ALOT!), so I decided to stick to the theme “animals eating.” At the end of this post you can vote for your favorite picture, and I’ll post more images of the winning animal next week.

Let the contest begin!

1. Koala Chowing Down on Leaves


2. Male Elephant Munching on Grass


3. Fishing Cat Devouring a Fish

4. Tasmanian Devil Gnawing a Bone

Tassie Devil
5. Giraffe Licking at Leaves


6. Tool-Using Chimp



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