Posted by: asprockett | May 21, 2013

Ambassadorial Scholar Dinner

This past week, we were invited to a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar Get-to-Know-You Dinner hosted by Past Rotary President Patricia H. at her beautiful home in Sydney. Her apartment looks out on the Harbour Bridge and downtown Sydney skyline from one balcony and the Opera House from another balcony. I have yet to figure out why she would ever want to leave her apartment and offered to move in to her guest bedroom. I’m not sure why, but she just hasn’t taken me up on my suggestion. At the least, Dan was able to snap a few new shots of the Opera House and bridge from brand new angles.


Our meal was delicious, from the wine, to the cheese platter, to the main and to our first encounter with bread and butter dessert. Patricia assured me the dessert was an easy crockpot recipe, but it tasted professional. In addition, we were able to meet other Ambassadorial Scholars in Sydney and to pick up more than a few travel tips for ventures out of Sydney and tricks for our next set of Sydney visitors. The company was warm and welcoming – it was such a pleasure to get to know a larger set of the Rotary community in the Sydney region.


Rotary Ambassadorial Scholars with our gracious host and the current Rotary District Governor.

Patricia, we most sincerely thank you for graciously hosting us for a beautiful night.


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