Posted by: asprockett | April 6, 2013

A Visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens (Because They Have Royals Here)

Dan and I took advantage of the Easter school holiday to explore around Sydney, starting with the Royal Botanic Gardens, which is just one of three botanical gardens that are open to public exploration. The gardens were founded by Governor Macquarie in 1816 and have been open and free to the public to enjoy since then. A sign at the entrance to the gardens actually encourages you to walk on the grass, hug the tress and embrace the full experience of the beautiful gardens.


Dan hugging a Moreton Bay Fig tree.
Latin name (added for Dan): Ficus macrophylla.

We wandered around the garden along the harbor walkway, stopping for lunch near Mrs. Macquarie’s chair (on Mrs. Macquarie’s Point where Mrs. Macquarie herself used to sit to appreciate the view of the harbor and passing boats). We copied the Macquarie style and enjoyed lunch while savoring the view of the Sydney Opera House.


Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge – our lunch view.

Easter holiday success #1.


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