Posted by: DSprockett | March 9, 2013

Dan Has Officially Arrived!

After a very hectic month of travel and graduate school visits (more on this later), I’ve finally made it to Australia!  I left San Francisco at 10:30 PM on Sunday, March 3rd, and touched down in Sydney 14 hours later, arriving around 8:00 AM on Tuesday, March 5th.  Losing Monday is a bit of a surreal experience, but it probably won’t be as weird as during the return flight, where I will arrive in the US before I even take off in Sydney. Although this was my longest flight ever, the time actually passed much quicker than I thought it would. They were showing a few movies that I thought were worth watching, and luckily I still had The Dark Knight Rises on my iPad.  I slept a fair amount, and United Airlines kept us fed quite well, which served to stave off bordem as well as hunger.

Our new apartment is only about a 30 minute cab ride from the airport, and my first view of the city left me very pleasantly suprised.  Sydney is much more of a metropolis that I was imagining, and the drive in gave me views of both the harbor and the sprawling skyline. I spent the first day just catching up with Andrea (we hadn’t really talked in several days, and both had an awful lot to say!). We then strolled around Double Bay to check out the neighborhood a bit, and I was instantly struck but how shockingly familiar it all is. We’ll expand on this more later, but Sydney has been extremely welcoming and a thoroughly easy city to live in.

Since then, Andrea and I have headed to Sydney Uni (classes started this week), Bondi Junction (a massive mall with everything from Target to Armani), and Bondi Beach (a surfer’s paradise and major tourist destination). Today we are headed downtown to the explore the CBD (Central Business District) before heading out to a Sydney suburb to have dinner with Jeff and Allison, Andrea’s friends from Nebraska.



  1. Dan, I know some insect behavior/evolution folks in Sydney, if you need something to do.

    • Thanks Pat! I’ll email you later this week.

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