Posted by: asprockett | February 20, 2013

I Think I’ll Move to Australia Today

Although I have mentally traveled to Australia approximately 6374 times since learning I had received the Ambassadorial Scholarship, today is the day I physically travel “Down Under.” Excited? Nervous? Still in disbelief? Yes. But this period of transition between work and my return to formal university studies has given me time to reflect and appreciate the people around us who have helped us get to this point.

Our friends and family have hosted us for more than three weeks, opening their homes and generously giving us their time. Although I can’t say we have been extremely (or at all) well rested during the month of February, we wouldn’t trade the lack of sleep or long commutes for the conversations, games and laughs. We have been reminded of the importance of community through late night Swenson’s/Dairy Queen runs, one more hand of cards (this time with phonetic spelling), new breakfast restaurants, nerding out while everyone in the room works on their computer, and a one-year telling us a pig says, “la la la.” We have been thankful for this time with our friends and family. We have truly appreciated all those who have rearranged schedules to allow us to get together before this great adventure, left doors unlocked, planned extra meals and taught us Australian slang.

We will miss you all this year, but we have a couch that is open for visitors (figuratively and literally) — I’m looking at you.


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